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C++/Student Detail Recording System


i am required to develop a system to record details of student.
This system should be implemented using structure and array. i am required to develop a structure which contains student details such as Student ID, Student Name, Nationality and Gender.

1st-i have to insert new record
2nd-delete record
3rd-sort record
4th-display record

my question is how to use a structure and array in this program. i haven't done my coding. but i wish to know the steps. i have learned this but not in coding. please show me the way so that i can improve. can i know what's the function of file/io and pointer? thanks

Hello spoink, thank you for the question.

A struct is just a collection of data. I'd implement it like this:

struct StudentRecord
int ID;
std::string name, nationality, gender;

I'm not sure what you mean by having to use an array. Do you mean make an array of StudentRecord structs?

StudentRecord array[1000];

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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