QUESTION: hi can you help me?
on my syllabus it says"to excute c++ programming assignments some assignments will require use of the hp c++ complier under unix.
ok first do i have do download unix because i want to keep my windows and second do i need download that same complier?
is there anyway where i can keep my windows and do unix or something?what things should i know about c++ as a beginner cause i just started and have no clue

ANSWER: To program in portable C++, you do not need unix - any conforming C++ compiler would do.

If the programs require the use of posix api (one provided by unix operating systems), you could use a unix-like environment on windows provided by Cygwin.

Download and install Cygwin from here: http://www.cygwin.com/
Make sure that you choose the C++ compiler - g++ - for compiling C++ programs.

A good free IDE which could be used with Cygwin + GCC is Code::Blocks http://www.codeblocks.org/

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QUESTION: what should i know about c++ and computers related?

If your course has specified some prior knowledge as a prerequisite, that is what you should know before you start.

If not, I guess that you would be taught everything from scratch, without assuming that you have prior exposure to C++ and programming.


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