hi i wanna know what thing should i expect form learning programming and difficulty should i read more books or practice more online or equally?learning c++ would it be hard the first time to learn codes?was it easy to learn?

I firmly believe that anyone can learn to program.  Some people have an easier time of it, but anyone can figure it out.

I'm not sure that I can really give you one particular thing to expect when learning, but expect that you won't necessarily "get" things the first time they're presented to you.  Understand also that you don't *have* to "get" things the first time they're presented.  Sometimes you just have to take for granted that something works the way it works, and expect that you'll understand *why* it works the way it works later.  This is especially true in the very beginning.  For example, the very first program you write, "Hello, World!", will look strange at first:

   #include <iostream>
   using namespace::std;
   void main()
       cout << "Hello, World!" << endl;

There are some things going on in this program that you won't really understand for a while, but that doesn't keep you from using the code.  Just know that, down the road, you'll better understand exactly what each line is doing and how each operator works.

As for learning online versus books, it doesn't really matter.  Whatever works for you is what's best.  If the classroom is where you learn best, then take more classes.  If you learn best on your own out of a book, then go that route.  It's important to practice what you're learning, though, so make sure you are always coding with what you've just learned about.

As you're learning, please feel free to ask me about anything you have trouble with.  I love helping people learn to program.


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