hi i would like to ask was learning c++ hard at first or easy?would you get the hang of it or takes a while?

Hi, Raymond.

Make no mistake: learning any programming language takes time.  The first language is always the longest to learn.  Once you understand programming, learning new languages becomes significantly easier and faster, though it still takes time.

As for whether it's hard or easy, that's really impossible for me to say.  Some people (such as myself and many people I have gone to school and worked with in the past) pick up programming easily.  Concepts click and resonate with some, almost as if it's an expression of an idea already known, but not quite fully formed.  Others, though, really have to work at it.

My first real programming course at university, I ended up tutoring a group of students, even though we all started learning the language we were using (Java) at the same time.  I took to it easily, others did not.  You will have to take some things for granted in the beginning, though.  There will be some things that you will simply have to memorize as "the way things work" and, much later, truly understand and grasp what they mean and *how* they work.

I firmly believe that anyone -- absolutely anyone -- can learn to program.  The only difference will be the speed at which different individuals learn and how easily one can "think" in the language.  Programming languages, much like foreign languages, are much easier when can think in the language rather than about the language.  If you achieve this, solutions to problems are often readily apparent and the source code just sort of pops to mind.  Rather than thinking about how you would solve a problem in real-world terms, you think in terms of source code.

I am always available to answer questions for you as you embark on the process of learning how to program.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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