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what is the difference between turboc++ & borlandc++ ?

These are the main differences:

Turbo C++ Exlorer 2006 (called Turbo hereafter) comes with the earlier C++ compiler developed in 2006; Borland
C++Builder 2007 (called Builder hereafter) has the later 2007 compilers with better C++ standards conformance and enhanced .NET and Delphi support.

The Builder IDE is an improved version over the Turbo version and it also supports for MSBuild, unit testing and UML code visualization for C++.

Builder has a much larger Visual design and component library, which is also supports addition third party components.

Turbo has limited .Net, COM and ActiveX functionality. There is more support for these in Builder.

Turbo can be installed only on Windows XP, Widows 2000 with .NET 1.1. Builder can also be installed in Windows Vista and can be used with .NET 2.0

The database support in Turbo is limited, Builder is more functional and supports more database engines.

Turbo is free, Builder is priced.  


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