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hello prince!
im a BS-information technology student.i have a problem with my going to report in our class using powerpoint my topic all about "the concept of heap in c++" can also be found in pointer section in c++ but sad to say i only find less info and cant understand it with your help can you please tell me what is "the concept of heap in c++" in c++??please give me also examples of easy program related using the concept of heap??i need it by wednesday.

thank in advance!!

Hi dear sean!

  Sorry for the delay in responding u! since ur in a hurry i found some useful links related to heap
please go through the link and collect some fruitful points , and do ur presentation well!

For basic Reference on Heaps

Heap Implementation in C++

for additional reference please refer the book what i have followed and found simple
Data Structures, Algorithms And Applications In C++
By Sahni, Sartaj

All the best!
Thanks and Regards!
Prince M. Premnath


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