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In operator overloading , we often  return this pointer from a operator function. But the return type of the operator function is the class name. Not pointer to that class.How does it return a pointer ?

Hello Shahed, thank you for the question.

The return type of the operator overload specifies the type of variable that it returns. So if you want to return a class reference, you simply provide the name of the class:

Foo& operator += (const Foo &rhs)
this->value += rhs.value;
return *this;

The this pointer is a pointer to the invoking object. That is, whatever object calls that method in code. You are simply return the object who called it's own method. In this case, it's of type Foo.

// In main
Foo f, g;

f += g;

So when += is called, f would be the invoking object. You could compare f to this in the function, and they would be equal.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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