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Dear Sir,

I am a student of Aeronautical Engineering (3rd year) from Mumbai, India. I have recently started learning C ever since I came to know that, it is C/C++ which is used extensively to design CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) codes, later on I came to know that it is also used in game programming. So I just wanted to know how much C/C++ is used in modern day game development, I have been huge fan of console games like call of duty, god of war, NFS, shadow of colossus etc. and always wanted to know that how does these human beings (game developers) creates something extraordinory like that. So could you please throw some light on it and resolve my doubt ??

Sudarshan Patil

Hello Sudarshan

C and C++ are both used for game programming because of high performance. For graphics, both OpenGL and DirectX have functions which can be accessed from C/C++. Development for the games you mentioned takes a huge team of specialists. It is as complex as making a major motion picture. I suggest you find a good book and start learning from it. Also look at To start, try to immitate one of the old arcade games. If you can make a game like Asteroids, you will have learned a lot.

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