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C++/C++ newbie need help with fixing code


I’m a C++ newbie and I’m taking my 2nd class but, I’m confused as to how to do my homework problem. I have to use a floating decimal and I have written the script but, it has several errors and I would like some help. Whatever assistance you can give me will be appreciated. I will paste the question and my code here.
Thank You!
Lucy likes to jog in the morning.
As she jogs, she counts the number of strides, she makes during the first minute and then again during the last minute of her jogging.
She then averages these two numbers together and calls this the average the number of strides she makes during a minute.

Write a program that asks for the number of strides made during the first minute and the number of strides made during the last minute (each an integer) and then asks for the  total number of hours and minutes that Lucy jogs. (each an integer)
Assume Lucy’s stride length is 2.5 feet. Using the fact that there are 5280 feet in a mile, have your program display the average number of strides Lucy makes in a minute (a float) and the distance Lucy jogged in miles (a float)

Below is a sample run….your code should work for any input I choose .

What was the number of strides you made during the first minute?
What was the number of strides you made during the last minute?
How many hours did you jog?
How many minutes did you jog?
Your average number of strides per minute is: 125.5
The distance you jogged was: 4.46 miles
#include  <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
int number_of_feet, feet_per_minutes, feet_per_miles, miles_hour;
float numMinutes, numMiles
cout << " What was the number of feet made during the first minute: ";
cin >> numFeet;
cout << " What was the number of feet made during the last minute: ";
cin >> numFeet;
cout << “What is the average number of feet:”;
cin >> “numAvfeet;
cout<<” How many hours jogged:”;
cin >> numHours;
cout << “How many minutes jogged:”;
cin >> numMinutes;
cout << “How many jogged miles per hour:";
cout<< numMiles / numHours << '\n';

return 0;

Hello Dee

I felt the best way to help you was to show you by video. Have a look here:

Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing the video.
I apologize that the sound is a little out of sync with the cursor movements, and sorry if my voice puts you to sleep.

Best regards


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