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For my assignment I am to write a program that reads a series of integers from the keyboard.  I am also required to use a sentinel number (a number that causes the loops to halt and display the results).  Once the user has entered a series of integers ranging from 1 to 100, the user will then enter a sentinel number to stop the loops.  The resulting output should show the average of the integers as well as the maximum and minimum integers.  

I know how to code a loop with a sentinel number that halts it, but I am unsure of how to make the program display the maximum and minimum integers in the user given numbers.  We have not learned arrays yet so I am now allowed to use them.  In my notes, I have written down that the teacher said to use climits int_min and int_max I think.  I am just unsure how to code these as my book does now show this.


> the teacher said to use climits int_min and int_max

see: http://cplusplus.com/reference/clibrary/climits/

#include <climits>

int main()
       int minimum = std::INT_MIN ; // smallest possible int
       int maximum = std::INT_MAX ; // largest possible int
       double sum = 0 ; // holds sum of all integers
       // ...

the loop would look like this in pseudocode:
         1. read a number entered by the user
         2. if number == sentinel break
         3. add number to sum
         4. if number < minimum set minimum <- number         
         5. if number > maximum set maximum <- number  
         6. go to 1.  
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