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QUESTION: Sir, c or java-which one should be learned first for a complete biginner.

sorry for my english & ignorance.


Either one will teach you the basics of programming, but I would choose Java over C because it is an object oriented language. Along with learning the language you will learn object oriented programming and from there you can move to C++ or C# or stay with Java. There is a lot of demand for programmers who can do object oriented programming and who can create server side software for the web. Java is used for that. I think the demand for pure C programmers is falling.

Other reasons I like Java is that there are excellent development environments for it, there are a lot of excellent free tutorials, and you can make Graphical User Interface programs with it. A beginner can learn it but it is important to find books written at the beginner level. The Java Tutorial is a good book for that and its free. See

The same is true for C#. Microsoft gives away its Visual C# express edition software. It's free.  

I hope that helps you out.

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QUESTION: Thank you for answering. Here (in my city) i get only scja & scjp course. Should i go or first i need to know c/c++ for strong basic.

You do not need to know C++ to take a scja or scjp course. It is not that C++ is the basics and Java is more advanced. They are the same complexity. If you read some books, and practice with a development environment like netbeans, you should do well. Putting in the time is what is important, and you must be dedicated to study a little every day, and don't be shy about asking questions.

I don't know about scja, but I wrote the scjp and scjd exams many years ago. The thing about scjp is that it focuses on memorizing tiny language details instead of learning how to program. The language details are important, but memorizing all the details of the language will not teach you how to program. It's like memorizing the grammar of English will not make you an author. If you have time and money for a community college course, I think that is a good way to learn. Take many courses and get a college certificate or a diploma. That will be more useful than a scja/p/d certificate from sun or oracle, or whoever owns java now. Many colleges offer courses at night.

Good luck



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