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C++/how to delete a error command line -std=c++0x in the IDE Code Blocks


Hello Zlatko I got a book c++ for dummies by Stephen R. Davis with a bonus CD that includes the Code::Blocks development environment, a full-service GNU C++ compiler and all source code from the book,I tried to install it in my laptop that run windows 7 and in the installation process I go to Settings - Compiler and Debugger - Others Options and I typed the following commands lines:
but for some reason the installation failed. I unistalled everything and I went to the website and installed Code Block from that site. When I debug my first C++ program I got the errors: unrecognized command lines options:
I go to Settings - Compiler and Debugger - Others Options and I just found -Wc++0x command I delete it and I debug my program again and now I got just the error: unrecognized command line option: -std=c++0x. My question is:
How can I find the command -std=c++0x for delete it? Thanks

Hi Raul
I don't use code blocks so I don't know about this problem. I can make a few guesses.

Perhaps there are global settings for all projects and settings for just your particular project. If so, make sure you check both sets of settings.

If code blocks has project files, try opening them with notepad to see if you can find the -std text.

Check for the text in files in Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\codeblocks

It might help to delete the projects from the CD and re-create them from the CD.

Finally, it might help to uninstall code blocks, and then make sure you also delete all the code blocks folders and
Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\codeblocks
and then re-install.

Good luck.


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