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I am looking into creating programs that are meaningful. In other words, I don't want to answer questions from a textbook. How do I get started in creating a personal project or getting involved in open source projects?

My background is: Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, object oriented principles, algorithms, data structures.

I want to improve my programming skills and create some sort of project that will impress an employer. What will you suggest?

Thanks, Jonathan

Hi jonathan,

I am sorry i am so so late . It is because of my xmas and new year holidays :(
I think you should search out free projects from Check for open source projects on the internet. there are plenty of them and participate in them. That will boost your CV.

good luck:)  


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I can confidently answer any question both basic and advanced in C++. Areas like templates, algorithms, Gui and design patterns are of interest to me. i will not answer questions about web programming.


I have a 3- year- work experience in software Engineering.

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