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C++/c++ image question (im a newb) plz help


Hi sir. I am new to c++ and I read that you are an expert. The question i have is i am getting in to c++ and I need to know how to put images in to the program and have them in output. I looked it up and saw things like "bitmap" and had a brainfart lol. I have no idea what that is. Could you please tell me how to put an image into the program? Plz try to make it simple as I am new. Also, I use xcode. Thank you so so so so much in advance!!! -Michael

p.s If you know, how do i make it do the output in another window for xcode? If not then dont worry. Thank you!!!!!!!!


I am not an expert. I am just someone who loves to help others :) That said, in C++ there is no way to do this except you use some graphical APIs. Since you are using xcode, one good one is SFML from this link :

It has examples on how to install it and use it with tutorials. All you want to do is also there with tutorials. Try it :)

Have fun..


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