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QUESTION: I want to read in a 5x5 matrix, as well as the number of vertices and starting point:

5 1
0 1 3 -1 -1
1 0 3 6 -1
3 3 0 4 2
-1 6 4 0 5
-1 -1 2 5 0

and the program should output this:
0   1   3  -1 -1
1   0  -1  -1 -1
3  -1   0   4  2
-1  -1   4   0 -1
-1  -1   2  -1  0
Ive tried using a 2d array but i cant get it to work any help would be appreciated thanks

ANSWER: Hello,

I don't quite understand what you are trying to do. Do you want to make your 5x5  matrix a 2x2 one? Also, what are you trying to accomplish using a prim's algorithm? Are you just interested in seeing a code that shows how prim's algorithm works?
Please, explain further for me to figure out what you want to accomplish.

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QUESTION: the 5 is from the input files stating the number of vertices. The 1 is the starting point. I have to input the top matrix and use prims algorithm to find the minimum spanning tree so the output looks like the bottom matrix. -1 means there isnt an edge between the two vertices


sorry for the delay. I had to understand what you really want to do. I think this link might be the best bet for what you are trying to accomplish. If after checking it you still can't figure it out, then let me know. stay blessed


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