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Hello vijayan,

My nam is Jonathan Tran. I have a question, but I could not know how to solve the problem.

Here is a question:

Are the Microsoft Soft Visual Studio 2008 and 2012 Professional Edition compatible with?.

I wrote a program in C++ by using MS Visual Studio 2008 version and run sofar very successfully on computer Window XP version.

With the same program above, I COULD NOT RUN by using MS Visual Studio 2012 version and Window 7 and during  running time. it shows an errors as new instance and stop executing. Is it the function two long on program by using 2012 version?.

Please help me to answer this question.

Jonathan Tran

In general, Visual Studio 2008 and 2012 Professional Edition are compatible.

However, Visual Studio 2008 conforms to the C++98 standard, while Visual Studio 2012 conforms to the current C++11 standard. Almost everything in C++98 is also valid C++11, so you should not have a problem.

If you could give an idea about what the program is doing, along with listing of that part of the  code where the run-time error occurs (you can run it in the debugger to identify this), I may be able to give a more specific answer.  


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