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QUESTION: Helo sir,

I m working out on a program which can be used to check  status of kindergarten application. I would like to create this program using c / c++ programming. This is not an assignment or project question. I m an asst. town planner with basic knowledge in c programming. This program should be used to check approval status of applications received.

The program should read the input and check the source file before display the approval status. I will store about 100 kindergarten name in txt file, and when the program is executed it will search for the kindergarten name in the source file and display the aproval status.(please advise if the source file can be in exel format)


enter name of kindergarten:
* enter full kindergarten name

status : approved on 21/3/2013 (if the name exist in the source file)


status : No records available (if the name does not exist in the source file)

(the source file should be located in the directory)

as they may be some similar kindergarten name, the program should check for all the words entered in the search box.

I' ve written code for web programming. it is about a function to display the result of search.

Could you help me on this by showing some simple programming codes?

thanks in advance.

ANSWER: > as they may be some similar kindergarten name, the program should check for all the words entered in the search box.

Does that mean that if the name entered is, say, 'Eight Virtues Preschool'

a. The program should look for a kindergarten with exactly that name 'Eight Virtues Preschool'


b. The program should look for all kindergarten having names containing the words 'Eight', 'Virtues' and 'Preschool' in any order. For example, should it find 'Elite Preschool at Eight Virtues Square'?  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your fast reply.
It suppose to display exactly full name that entered
By user.
To make it easier, i suggest to add one more search criteria
Which is area.
Enter name of kindergarten :
Enter area:

Areas are:
Hulu langat

It can be a drop down menu.


Would a text based program that can be run from the console be adequate?

If it is, I could send you a sample C++ program that could do this task (I'm not into graphical user interfaces). This would take a bit of time, so if your answer to the question is yes, please wait for a day or two for the reply.  


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