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C++/Apply new setting when the software open again.


I use visual c++ 6.

In my software currently have opptions to give  page setup using values. Currently opening  the page setup dialog it takes defalt values and I can change those values. Eg. top=20; left=20; bottom=20, right=20 .

But i need, when I change those values to another value eg. top= 34, left=4; bottom=54, right=20  and save it, exit the software and oppening the software again in another time, it should be take values in lastly given values. eg top= 34, left=4; bottom=54, right=20. How I do that.

How to save apply changes when software opening again.

Thanks for your considerations.  

I'm not quite sure what you're asking, so my answer may not be correct. Go to the Tools menu, then select Options. Under the Workspace tab there are two checkboxes that you want to select: "Reload documents when opening workspace" and "Reload last workspace at startup".

If this doesn't solve your problem I'll need more information as to exactly what values you are changing and how.



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