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I use visual c++ 6.

In my software currently have opptions to give  page setup using values. Currently opening  the page setup dialog it takes defalt values and I can change those values. Eg. top=20; left=20; bottom=20, right=20 .

But i need, when I change those values to another value eg. top= 34, left=4; bottom=54, right=20  and save it, exit the software and oppening the software again in another time, it should be take values in lastly given values. eg top= 34, left=4; bottom=54, right=20. How I do that.

How to save apply changes when software opening again.

Thanks for your considerations.  

yasanka , Thank you for your question.

There are many ways to make data persist between program sessions.

One way is to write functions that write various types of values into a file. You could write them in binary or, as I do, write them in hexadecimal separated by commas.

Another way is to use a Profile or Initialization file (.ini). Windows has functions to write and read such a file.

Another way is to use MFC and write Serialization functions.

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