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Dear sir...

I've been learning programming language for quite a while (with a little formal one), do you think a self tought programmer could be a succesful programmer?..Though I've been learning for a while.. it seems I'm still a bit lost.. I tried to learn lots of language, for now I've a basic of C++,PHP,ESP,HTML,XML,Python,VB.. but could you suggest a language that I should taken seriously , also I've pretty well understanding on Object Oriented Programming. I'm thinking of writing my own 'real' program.. what program would you suggest for a begginer like me..Can you give me some good tutorial on GUI programming(how to make GUI in C++ or Python??)

Thank for your time.
P/S : Sorry for my English.

A self taught programmer could be very successful, either in working for a company or working for themselves. In all honesty, I can't recommend a paticular language that you should know; however, C++, Java, or any language out of the Microsoft .NET series would be beneficial to getting a job or working for yourself. You really need to know object-oriented programming though, as it has become increasingly important in the last few years in terms of programming language evolution and technique. I would highly recommend that you start writing small programs for yourself, then gradually work your way up to writing the big stuff. You could dive in and try to write a big program right away, but there is a large chance of confusion and something going wrong. It's always good to start small then go big.

Compilers are virtually all the same if you buy the latest versions. The only difference is features. Older compilers use older standards of programming languages. For example, Microsoft's Visual C++ v5.0 is slightly different than Visual C++ v6.0 because the 5.0 version is based on the older C++ programming standards. Also, there are plenty of tutorials out on the 'net on how to code for C++, so I can't point you to any specific site, but just type 'C++ lessons' or 'C++ tutorials' into Google and it'll return plenty of results for ya. I hope this helps.

Best Of Luck,

P.S. - Your English is pretty good, I understood you quite well.


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