Dear sir

When i ask a user to input a number 3 digits long how do you ensure that the first digit is not one (1)?

thank you.

Dear Noorain,
Thankyou for your question.

Well, you've asked me, you want to ask a user to
enter a three digit number, and you wana put a
condition that it shouldn't contain '1' as the first
digit. Then you have to find such a condition that
will divide the number by a constant value whenever
you enter it, and it calculates the quotient,
for example,

User enters : 234

internally i would bring condition like

int number ;

number = entered number / 100 ;
It will store the quotient in the variable number.
Like i said you entered 234

it would be

number = 234 / 100 ;
It would store 2 in the number and make sure that the
number is not 1 by putting simple condition like this

if ( number != '1' )
cout<<"It is a valid number";
cout<<"It contains 1 as the first digit";

You should find out the 100th Number position in the
number. Like i did in the above example. I hope this
helps you a little.

Don't be afraid to ask, if you get stucked somewhere.
Best of Luck,


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