Hello Eddie. I am a 16-year-old student, and I'm in my junior year. Our computer teacher in school has decided to teach us C++. Can you explain to me what C++ is? I have not been to school for the past few days due to illness, so I am behind everybody else.

1) Can you please explain to me, in detail what C++ is
6)Object oriented language?

Thank you very much, sir.


I'll try my best.

1) C++ is a programming language that is built around the concept of object oriented programming. It also takes speed into account, allowing it to be more fast than other languages like basic and java.

2) A function is a way of reducing the amount of code you would have to write for an operation that would be applied multiple times. Instead of typing the code out each time, you put it in a function and only call the function.

3) Data could refer to almost anything. Typically, it refers to any information stored into a variable.

4) An object is an instance of a class that contains all the variables and methods of the class.

5) A class is a way of defining data in a modular way. You might say a Car class could have 4 tires and a drive function, if that helps at all.

6) Object oriented language means that the code is written based around the object intended rather than structually and functionally.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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