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I am using C++ Builder 6. I want to use panels that have rounded off corners.. The stock components in C++B6 dont seem to do this. So i tried using a PNG graphic file,, but it wont stretch when i try to resize it..

Do you know why my PNG wont stretch (bmp files do stretch but are to big file size wise).. or is there a component that has rounded off corners?

Answer -

I'm not sure if a PNG file will manually stretch in whatever program. I do know you can stretch it in code by using StretchBlt instead of BitBlt. Did you try doing that?

Also, you can get the rounded corner boxes by using an MFC dialog box. All the buttons are customizable to look however you want them to.

I hope this information was helpful

- Eddie

Thank you for the fast reply....

I am kinda a newbie at C++ Builder6. Teaching it to myself. I was trying to figure out the function you mentioned but didnt see it come up when i typed the Panel name and used -> , nothing came up. Is it not a core function built into Builder6?

Also the MFC Dialog... Where is that in Builder. I didnt see it in the help.

Again, thanks for the fast reply


Well, I hope I wasn't misleading earlier. I've never really worked on anything that wasn't with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler. StretchBlt is a function used for rendering. Its not really a member function of anything. You call it and blit from your buffered device context to your renderable device context. I also had assumed you could make MFC projects in your compiler also. I thought MFC was an itegrated part of the C++ language. Sorry if I confused or mislead.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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