Using MS Visual C++ 6.0, SP5 as the compiler, is it possible to write a GUI that will execute DOS commands ?

For example, there are index.dat files that Windows will not permit their destruction as they are so called system files. Even MS's Search dialog will not locate most of these index files.

Therefore, I made a search function that will find any file on the hard drive that said search function commences execution. This will provide the complete address of the located file.

There are the alternate data streams that MS's NT technology allows files of any file extension to be associated with the visible file [up to 6700 or so such hidden file associations]. Again, using DOS one can detect such files and destroy them if deemed desirable.

Are there examples of source [C/C++] code containing DOS commands within a dialog or SDI available ?

Could not locate any such source code at Codeguru or CodeProject, though such example may be there.

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

There is a very important point that you seem to be missing. You should know that the DOS command that can do crazy things, cann't be used under OSs like Win2000, except you are an administrator. Well if you are an administrator, then why do you need DOS commands, as Windows can do all those crazy things.
If this is not the point, I don't really understand what you mean. If that is just a GUI program, you can use Windows RUN dialog box to enter your DOS commands. Please explain in more details what you are really looking for.


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