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   I need some help with writing a program with a switch statement. I have to call the gas pump
with regular, mid grade, and preimum with diesel as my default. I'm not sure if I made that clear but I'm confused I have a little code if that would help. I hope you can help me if not thank you for your time. I'm using a C++ Compiler.  

#include <iostream.h>

Fuel Type();

int main()
  cout << Your fuel type(regular, plus, super, preimum)."<<endl;    

for (i=1;i<=5; i++)
Fuel Type
case'87':  cout << "regular";

case'89':  cout << "plus";

case'93':  cout << "super";
default:   cout << fuel << " is premium fuel  

Dejuan , Thank you for your question.

A switch statement works like this:

long FuelType; // Declare a variable
FuelType = 89; // Set it to a value

// Print out the fuel grade corresponding to the
// value 89

switch (FuelType)
case 87: cout << "regular";

case 89: cout << "plus";

case 93: cout << "super";

default: cout << "unknown grade";
} // End of the switch statement

The switch statement examines the value of the variable FuelType
and selects the case "89", which prints out "plus".

David Spector


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