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Hi first of all I appreciate your professional contribution here. A little about myself. I am about to change careers and want to enter the world of programming. C++ seems to be a worthed computer language to study. Just wanted to ask which is the right way to study this language? Can you pls suggest any books or good websites for reference and studying?

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Hello Jason:
  I hope u'll be fine. C++ is the best language for learners bcaz it gives u all the programming concepts for both structured programming and object oriented programming. Once u learn c++, u can learn any other language with much less effort. However the world of programming is changing. The new Microsoft .Net is taking over. So once u learn c++, i would strongly recommend u to learn c#(C Sharp) which'll make ur programming concepts more better.
  Regarding the books: I can't recommend u any book just bcaz in every part of the world there r different books, different authors and different publishers. So i don't know what books are available in ur area. I learnt c++ by the book "C++ How to Program" by Deitel & Deitel. Its a good book asnd is quite big; also contains a lot of examples and good questions in exercises.
   I won't recommend any websites bcaz learning from books is much better than learning from some website. However, during ur learning period, u can contact me anytime whenever u have a problem.

Plz. feel free to ask a followup, if u need to.
Thanks for contacting me


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I can answer any questions that range from the very basics of c++ to the advanced topics like polymorphism, inheritance, composition, multiple inheritance and templates. I can also answer almost every type of questions about c++ data structures like stack, queue, circular queue, linklist(single, double, circular), binary trees, binary search trees, avl trees, 2-3 and 2-3-4 trees. I dont have much experience of mfc and creating guis in visual c++, so plz. dont ask me questions about that.


I'm working in c++ since the last 6 years. I've good working skills specially in the advanced topics like inheritance, polymorphism and all type of c++ data structures.

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