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I am thinking about taking a course in C++ through an online institute to receive a certificate. Do you known if this will allow me to get a job as a programmer and is there a demand for this type of programmer? What would I get paid starting out. Also what is Microsoft .net is it a language that will replace C++.

I realize this is not the usual question that people ask. But I would like some advice from someone who works in the field.


Online courses are typically of low quality. You would be better off getting a good book, finding a good community (such as comp.lang.c++) and teaching yourself. Certifications aren't a big trump card when employers are looking for a programmer. The two biggest factors are a four year degree, and real experience. If you'll settle for an entry level position then you need to show your potential if you have no experience. There's plenty of demand for good programmers in C++, but you'll be up against some tough competition.

.NET is a framework, not a language. Since C++ can be extended to use the .NET framework, it will hardly be replaced by .NET.


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