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how to write a C prog change infix to postfix?
with using stack ADT in standard c++ library.

--infix expression no more than 100 char
--only 3 operator (+, -, *) and "(", ")"
--variacle from a to z
--contains no blank

Hello carrie, thank you for the question.

The STL is a great way of making any data structure problem easy.

I was hoping you could be a little bit more specific in what you're trying to do here. One thing, I've never heard the term "infix" before. Does it mean "prefix"?. Converting prefix to postfix is simple because you can simply overload the operator to do that for you.

With the "only 3 operators" part, this is also simple because you can overload them all to do a million different things.

If you could question me again with some more information I would be glad to help you.

- Eddie


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