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I have two objects, call them A and B.  In the class B, I want a const member method which returns a pointer to a const A object.  What is the syntax for this?  I try,

 const A* method(const B& b) const;

But get (from VS .net) the following complaint,

error C2501: 'B::method' : missing storage-class or type specifiers (as well as the warning, missing return type; assumed to be a member function returning 'int').  Now clearly I am not missing a return type, but the compiler is interpreting the method declaration in a manner different from my expectations.  What is the correct form of the declaration?

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Looking at error C2501 (  I have to ask you whether you have forward declared class A. Here you use pointer to class A, so you can do:

class A; // <-- note this
class B {
const A* method(const B& b) const;

Ofcourse, the definition of class A should be visible to the definition of method. See
If could also refer to Bruce Eckel's book "Thinking in C++" which has both an online and print versions.



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