I want to learn C++, can you recomend me some books or internet tutorials where I can learn some basic things. I have no expirience in C++. I also need some compiler(I thing that is the program which you use to make programs), can I download and use it for free.

To find some good online stuff about C++, I would first visit www.google.com, then I would type in 'C++ Tutorials' or 'C++ Lessons'. That's what I usually recommend for people new to the language. There are tons of links and lessons out there, so you could find one that makes the most sense to you. As for books, I can't really recommend any. I couldn't stand the textbooks I used back in college, and new books are being released every year. You'd have to visit a bookstore and browse through some of them to see which suited you the best. Also I believe that Borland makes a free C++ compiler (or if you use Linux, gcc seems to be the most popular compiler). C++ is a tough language to learn if you've never programmed before, so don't get discouraged if you get frustrated. Just take a deep breath or a short break and hop back into it. :)

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Having problems with any basic or intermediate parts of C++? I can answer those questions for you using simple English. I have been taking C++ in school for a couple years, so I still remember what it was like to be a beginner (especially with C++, which is a difficult language)!


I have a C++ web page that discuses the basics of C++. The address is: http://www.afweb.net/complang/

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