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        Dear Sir I'm thinking about studying computer programming... But with all these languages on the field one might think more than twice before taking one like C, Java and other Visuals like the latest MS Visual Studio.NET or others...

So from your experience can you advise me what to take...?

And another thing I was wondering on the net few days ago and I see all these people asking about jobs while there are a lot actually but they don't have the study for it what I mean that like 1000 students study CS and then they graduate like only 200 finds a fast job BUT what about the rest? I mean they all are on the same level some how I mean they took the same subjects with no knowledge what so ever about what the market needs... I see these new opening like for (Data compressing, Natural language processing, A.I. and others)... what does these graduated people know about these subjects?!

If you know a site that talks more about these new titles I'll be grad full if you give me the link...


 Currently, in programming area, there are two major camps: Java vs Microsoft tech. You could choose either of them. Its basically personal taste and I have chosen none of them.
  I am not able to answer the other question as I have no idea about the guys who do not know about the area and still manage to get the job.



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