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I am a dotnet developer, I was working in a good company but

the only problem there was the workload, where i was working

12 hours per day to finish my tasks except 8 hours (50% more)

and this was affecting my personal and social life badly and

my health as well.
I left this company and i went to a better company (more

expriance , more money :-) ), but it seems that the workload

is something comman in the development career.

Now I am searching how to develope my self
I want to ask you about how to increase the software

developer's productivity per unit time,I am searching for some

techniques and methodologies to increase by productivity per

unit time
thank you

Hello Developer, thank you for the question.

A developer's productivity is really an individual thing. One of the things I do at my job is specifically request tasks that I enjoy doing. When I enjoy doing tasks, I tend to be more productive and end up getting a lot of worki done. What determines the level of your productivity is soley dependent on yourself, and I have no idea what to tell you. Maybe you get more work done when you work a shift from 4am to 6am, sleep for 2 hours, then do 6 more hours. I have no clue. Sorry I can't give you a more thorough answer.

- Eddie


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