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C++/Disabling(or controlling) write click


Hello sir,

I have written a program in which I have used Macromedia Flash Player Component. The problem is that when a flash movie is being played users can Write Click on the movie and then a pop up menu apears which reveals the type of movie; i.e. Every bodu realizes that it is a flash movie(*.swf).

What should I do that on write click this menu does not apear? How can I dissable write click? or atleast control it?

thank you very much.  

Hello Mohammad. thanks for the question.

If you need to take care of that in flash code, I have no clue how to do that, because I don't know flash. If you need to do it in C/C++ all you need to do is just provide a default definition for VK_RBUTTON:



That way your code flow goes into the braces instead of the default compiler option.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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