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I have a test tomorrow on the following:
Q1 - Given an array of unsorted positive integers, find the total count of elements that are not duplicated. For example, if the given array is { 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, 1) then the count of elements that are not duplicated is TWO ( 2 and 1 are not duplicated)

Q2 - Remove the duplicates from the same array and create a unique array

Q3 - Determine whether the integer is odd or even? (no runtime functions)

Q4 - Concatenate string 2 onto the end of string 1 (no runtime functions).

Your help is appreciated.

These are easy questions for anyone learning C++. I will refer you some example code, and hope you go to the examination after having understood (and written some small programs yourself) the code:

array examples:

Skip the material on multi-dimensional arrays for now. Hope this helps.


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