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C++/Dynamic Variable Names


Is it possible to declare a variable with a name from a string.

IE - I call a function with a string and a value like so

MakeVariable("VariableA", 25.5);

and the function does something to this effect.

MakeVariable(string var, double val)
  // Where var is actually "VariableA" from
  // function call above.
  double var = val;


So now I would be able to use the double variable named "VariableA".

I don't think this is possible in C++, I know you can do it in PHP and I'm pretty sure you can do it in Python.

Let me know what you think.


Dear David,
Thanks for your question.
Well the main function worked connectly
but as soon as you enter the function, it
wont work, because the compiler will be
confusd in both of names and it will give a error like

"Multiple Declarations of Var"

So this kind of things doesnt work in C++, because
C++ is quiet commonly known as the Strongly typed
language, i guess you understand the term of Strong
typing. I hope this help you to some extent.

Best of Luck,


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