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Enterpreneur vs Developer
I study to become a Software Developer, because writing programs is what I like the most and it pays well also. I worked as a Software Developer for 1 year and I realized that even with high pay and endless challenge there is still a salary limit - maximum what I can get is 100-120K/year. I am not all for money, but I dont like limitations. I realized recently that I could like to be a Software Enterpreneur, because I like to think about new ideas and try to implement them with almost limitless profit. For example, the richest people are the ones working in software business. Obviously there is no equilibrium between software developers and software company owners. I know from business courses that it means that market lacks software businesses and it is better to fill it then to fill already becoming tight market of software developers. But if I commit myself to software enterpreneurship, I could try to create new ideas for the rest of my life and won't create one and end up struglling to remain in IT field because I didnt develop software skills. The possible rewards are possibly huge. Committing myself totally to software development will definitely make me a high payed professional, but I will be bugged with the salary limit. Besides i will be bugged buy the limit of knowledge - there is a limit to where I can grow by being a software developer, there is no so much technologies to master. I dont have to master all of them, only the ones I work with directly. I dont like this feeling of reaching a top and staying on it. While working as a Software enterpreneur/company president, I will have limitless options for extension (i.e. Microsoft wrote OS, then office programs for OS, programming environments, then games, then created X-Box, there will be more coming). I like the idea that I will never be limited. I hope you feel me now. After some thinking I decided to do both and see what I will do best. If I will not come up with a profitable idea in near future, I will commit myself to development growth, otherwise I will continue to develop my idea and develop my business, filling the gap in the marketplace. I cannot do both forever, because I will not be able to concentrate on one of them and compete on both sides with people who commit themselves fully to only one side. But I want to hear your advice first, if you would be so kind to advise my something on this :)

P.S.: One of my recent ideas is to create a game site, similar to Yahoo! Games, but with more features and felxibility that Yahoo site lacks, probably because it cannot concentrate on only the Games part and even many people play there because of Yahoo popularity and games choices, I still think it is not a perfect place to play games. Other sites also don't shine, having many flaws and made like fast food. Do you think it can be a profitable idea?

Hi Diamind.
After you have read my opinion, you might have an impression that I am dissuading you fron your plans. It is not so.I am presenting only the picture as I can see it. Only you can decide what is best for you.

Software business might seem lucrative, but is full of risks. Beleive me,you will have to be very patient before big bucks start coming your way.Further, you will not only need technical expertise, but also superior marketting skills. If you are a one man team,this becomes doubly difficult. I doubt if something like a game site will give you what you want.Even if it does, you will have to wait for a long time.Then there is competition.You have to give people reason enough for using your website. In software business, its not always the best that wins. The most popular one wins. Beating some established website like yahoo!games will be hardcore.

The most succesful entrepreneur according to me is Sabeer Bhatia, the guy who made hotmail and sold it to microsoft. what made him click was not the fact that his email was best, but that it was free. Its the revolutionizing idea that worked. If you have some idea that you think might be hit, go ahead with the business.Otherwise, do not leave what you are doing.

If you have a ghood job, dont leave it yet. The "packed market" might not give you another chance. Make some money, as much as you can. Keep working on your idea. No one is stopping you fron learning whatever you want to. Then, if you think your idea can make it,jump ahead.
True, the richest people are in software business, but thats because others did not survive. Web sites are closing every day. Only the best win. Ultimately, it comes down to your ability.
Ability not only with programing, but also with money,perseverence and spending a week with only 8 hrs of sleep(right now it would be 3 days 8hrs, being a software professional :))

You might want to jump in right now, but only an idea wont help you. Do some research on the market, find out your place there, outline a strategy, find some financially strong partner maybe,and then decide.

Hope you make the right choice.



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