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Thanks for the response again. Right now I am diving into Python. What I am beginning to realize is that I am going to need an engine (I was under the assumption that blender had an engine) delta3d looks like a good possibility, but there are so many engines out there I am not even sure what to look for. obviously I need something free for commercial distribution if I am to make any money out of this venture. But now to my question. I can do a lot of work in blender. I can create models, and aniamtions, and I can uvmap everything. I can also begin with some base code in python but I am not clear on how to tie things together. I may be way over my head here, but I am a fast learner. I have a few other prople working with me on this project. They seem to think that I am some kind of programming genius because I took some classes in high school. I am determined to get back into it, and though python has it's quirks I think it is proably my best bet. I can set up some logic and basic code, but how do I call my models, and animations? will they be linked already? When I call my model will it still have the uvmap that I applied in blender? Just a few basic questions... No hurry, I appreciate your willingness to help. BTW if it would be easier you can email me at

Hello again Nathan, thank you for the question.

I've played with Python a bit, but I'm far from an expert in it. Python is a high level scripting language, and shouldn't really be used for overall engine development, if that's what you are saying. With your models and animations, you have to write those yourself. The animation stuff requires an in depth understanding of linear algebra, with 3D vector and matrix math. The good thing about engines already written *cough Delta3D cough* is that you don't have to worry about that stuff, it is already written. Delta3D is already set up to bind Python to C++, and is licensed as LGPL, in which you can sell anything you make with it. It also has an awesome level editor, which I was on the development team for. Another engine people use a lot is Ogre, which can be found easily on google. But yeah, if you want to start from scratch I would definitely suggest brushing up on math, and reading a lot of tutorials on line.

Let me know what you think.

- Eddie


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