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there is a kind of command_buttons that have this ability that if they are

appearing in windows xp, they will appear as the graphical buttons that microsoft

has designed. for example if you run ms calculator, once in win98 and once in

windows xp, you will see that the appearance of the xp buttons differs from 98

ones. i know that this is something additional in winXP. but i've seen some other

programs that are not written by microsoft but their buttons (like OK button or)

are the same as microsoft xp's buttons. my questions are:
is it impossible in Visual Basic 6.0 to make buttons like mentioned ones? if not,

which program should i use to provide this kind of buttons?
and please tell me a website about visual C++.
Just three quetions!
thank you.


I don't know if you can make those kind of buttons in VB 6.0, I've never used it. In C++ all you do is make an MFC application and derive a class from CDialog and you can then create your own buttons and edit boxes and whatnot to be the size and shape you want. A good website for C++ is

I hope this information was helpful

- Eddie


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