Hello I want to ask you a few question

I have see ,someone use a hexa code like this

char oke[]=

Whats mean  

az001 , Thank you for your question.

Some of the 256 characters that can be specified by an 8-bit value (a byte) are printable, and some are not. Some depend on the current system language.

When you want to specify a specific character by its encoding (its byte value), use this syntax:


where "\" is the backslash character, used here as an "escape" character, "x" means "hexadecimal (byte) value", and NN is the desired byte value. For example, the character string \x21 represents an exclamation sign (!).

The syntax

char S[] = "test";

declares a variable called S which takes about 9 bytes of memory. Four bytes are at location S and are a pointer to the 5-byte character string "test" (terminated by an invisible character with a value of zero).

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