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Hello, thank you for looking at my question. I have some homework that I'm completly boggled with and I was wondering if you could help. Here is what I have to do:

You are hired by CompUSA Inc. to create a new point of sale(POS)
system. The system will request the employee number,
the sales amount, and the sales tax rate.
The POS system must:
(1) calculate the total sales,
(2) calculate the commission for the employee,
(3) display the total sales information,
(4) display the commission information.

Use the following graduated commission scale:
$0-$75,000       12%
$75,000-$125,000 23%
Above $125,000   30%

Items (1), (2), (3), and (4) must be done inside functions.
Remember, functions have only one responsibility and you must provide
the function with any information it needs to complete the task.
Functions (1) and (2) must return a float type.
Functions (3) and (4) can have void as the return type.
Also, I want you to use pointers.

Thank you so much for your time...If you can't help me, please let me know. Thank you.

Kristen, As you suspected, I cannot help you. Doing your work for you will not help you. It is the worst thing I could do for you. Only by doing your own work, as difficult as that may be, will you truly learn. If you don't want to learn but just pass your courses, pay someone to do your classwork.

I want to help.

I suggest you take the problem one little piece at a time and read your textbook until you understand how to do it.

If you have problems that you cannot figure out as you do this, feel free to ask me.



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