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Dear Dharmender,

After reading your profile, and seeing your mention of Perl, I thought you might be a good person to talk with.

I am interested in doing some sort of a database program, with lots of networking.  Picture a database on a server, with about 100-1,000 browser-based and application-based clients, simultaneously interacting with each other through the server/database.  Would C++ serve me well?  I ask because this is my most-fluent programming language, and Java comes in a close 2nd.  I am just not sure how to tie in C++ with a web broswer, really.  The clients might be web pages or standalone applications, so I think that implies the need for CGI scripting.  Any direction would be helpful.

Thank you, Mr. Rai!

Brian Bien

Hi Brian,
 I would suggest C++ if you are well-versed with it. You could write CGI applications in C++ (multi-threaded) and I am sure that it would be faster than Java/Perl.
You can find lots of C++ CGI classes on the net for a quick start.
As far as the non-http requests are concerned, that could be handled by your server coded in C++ which would bind to the port known to clients.

Please let me know if you need any information.



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