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Um, I'm kinda confused. I've learned the C++ programming and I'm a beginner towards the game programming. ( I'm now studying electronics engineering and I want to advance my knowledge towards game/graphics programming in the free time ) Actually I wish to do a game on my own. A game that's like mario or snes game in which consists of layers, palette, midi sound and input. So I've to set a target on my learning instances. I'm kinda in misery that there are actually have many APIs and plugins like directX or allegro to learn. So my question are like these:

1. Are all the pc/console games include the directX in which we must learn directX? snes also uses the directX? I've heard of ogg vorbis, is it being used conventionally?

2. Mario in dos. If I want to do a game like this or other game like FF1~6, what should I learn? Pls give me example like: C++ basics, directX basics -> allegro library -> ... Can you list down and guide me all the things I've to learn?

3. What about other game like: Mario in windows, SNES games, PC games like Fallout?

4. Why I can't search for examples/instances like: how to make a town/maze in c++ or how to make a battle system in c++? That's when I search for internet in google or yahoo, it just gave me many thing like c++ programming basics, directX basics, else it's just a lot of gibberish that I do not understand. I found that there is a whole missing part for the intermediate beginner... Everything I've to learn on my own? ( Actually I'm studying Electronics Engineering... )

5. Actually am I now in the right section for these question? Because I can't find the games design section.

Please guide me~ Thanks!


As it turns out, I have a degree in game design so hopefully I'll be able to clear a lotof this up for  you.

1. Alot of games use either DirectX or OpenGL. Most use DirectInput from DirectX because it actually queries the hardware. DirectShow is also used sometime due to the fact that you can easily play movies with it. I suggest learning OpenGL because it is personally easier to me.

2. and 3. Learn all the functionality of C++. Learn how to do things like collision reaction and response. Learn how to manipulate objects in a tile based environment(all those games were tile based). Learn your data structures for fast traversal of enemy lists and vectors and whatnot.

4. Yes, you will have to learn most of it on your own, however if its something that really interests you there is plenty of game design schools out there.

5. I suppose you got lucky as I am a game designer. Some positive feedback and maybe a comment or 2 would be greatly appreciated as well. :)

I hope this information was of soem use to you.

- Eddie


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