Hey David
i have 2 questions
i have visual studio 6.0
I wrote a project in mfc and i want to bring it to a friend.But he has not the visual studio !
How to create a package ?

updateallviews causes to refresh all the window
If i want to refresh only different parts of the
window ,how to do it ?  

charly , Thank you for your question.

If by 'package' you mean a way to build your project from source files, you can export a project by creating a "makefile". This is described in the Visual C++ MSDN Library:

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There are two ways to export a makefile from the development environment. You can choose to export a makefile whenever you save a project, or export a makefile only for specific projects. Note that creating an export makefile increases project save time, and you should only do it when necessary.

The export makefile stores all the information required to build the project and can be used from the command line. The makefile specifies the same project build settings you set in the development environment. If you use NMAKE on the command line to build the project, the NMAKE syntax needed is given in the makefile as a comment that begins !MESSAGE NMAKE. For example, for a file test.mak the NMAKE syntax line is:

NMAKE /f "test.mak" CFG="test - Win32 Debug"
-----End of Quotation-----

The makefile contains commands to build each source file and to link the result. For an MFC project, you also have to make the MFC redistributable components (such as the MFC library files) available.

'updateallviews' is used when you want views to be updated automatically after the 'document' has changed. It is up to the 'OnUpdate' functions that you write to specify what parts of their window to invalidate. Invalidating part of a window causes that part to be repainted via a WM_PAINT message.

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