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Dear Mr Sean Wcisel,

This is going to be a simple question. How do I tell my expertise in C++?

It is not a programming question, I hope you can share your idea as well.

thank you,

Frans Indroyono

Hi Frans,

This is a tricky one, yet it's one we all wonder about from time to time. There are several ways you might gauge your experience, both officially and personally.

Official measurements include grades in classes and standardized tests. There are also several websites that will offer challenges meant to both educate you and measure your capabilities.

I think the amount of skill a programmer has really comes down to a mix of three factors:

1. Technical knowledge - this is just the basic syntax of the language, this is an early focus of programming classes

2. Theory - later on in a programmer's education, classes focus almost exclusively on theory (partially because the professor will assume that language syntax has been covered earlier on). Theory involves all those concepts that transfer well between a number of languages, such as inheritence or recursion. You can always tell you're getting into the theory-heavy stuff when your professors start scribbling out pseudo-code on the board.

3. Logical ability - This is the ability to apply theory and syntax to produce a solution to a problem. Someone with strong logical skills can follow complex data manipulation through the steps of a program. Want to find out how good you are at this? Try debugging a friend's code :P.

This question struck a personal chord with me. I've often noticed how difficult it can be to find out where your skills are with regard to other programmers. I didn't have a solid idea until I joined my school's computer club. Once I had a group of dozens of friends with the same interests, I could compare myself in certain areas to see where I stood.

If you'd like, I could give you a bit more information about your own situation, just give me a bit of background on your education and capabilities.

I really hope that helps



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