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C++/Memory Leak with vectors



I have a program in C++ that is leaking memory while pushing data to the vector. My problem is that I don't know why this is doing that and how to fix it. Here is my code. Any help will be greatly appreciate it.
Note: The vector uses the structure pixArea

typedef struct{
  int x;
  int y;
  int pix;
} pixArea;

pixArea temp1;

for (ypos=y3; ypos < (y3+y3Height); ypos++)
   for (xpos=x3; xpos < (x3+x3Width); xpos++)
      pixa=*(im_src0 + xpos + (LineLength * (ypos)));
      temp1.x=xpos; temp1.y=ypos; temp1.pix=pixa;
      if(pixa<bThresh3) {pixBDefect.push_back(temp1);}
      if(pixa>wThresh3) {pixWDefect.push_back(temp1);}


ANSWER: I noticed that you have not declared the pixa over here. Please, do tell me that it is a vector.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Rakshitha,

This is a part of a program where  the structure pixArea is composed of 3 integers one of them is pixa (pixa can't be a vector). My vectors are A and B and they are expecting the elements of the type pixArea (which is a structure).
Please see code below.

The for loop is scanned every 300ms and I have a leaking in this loop. I tried using the method A.clear() and B.clear() to remove the data inside the vectors before entering to the loop but it didn't help at all.

So I don't know if I should forget vectors and use a different alternative.

Thanks for your help.

//this is declared in my header file
vector<pixArea> A;
vector<pixArea> B;

typedef struct{
int x;
int y;
int pix;
} pixArea;

//declared in my cpp file
pixArea temp1; //creaing a temporal pixArea
int pixa;
int LineLength=100;
int limitA=100;
int limitB=200;
int y3=10;
int x3=10;

Mymethod(BYTE *image)

  for (int ypos=y3; ypos < 50; ypos++)
     for (int xpos=x3; xpos < 50; xpos++)
        pixa=*(image+ xpos + (LineLength * (ypos)));


        if(pixa<limitA) {A.push_back(temp1);}
        if(pixa>limitB) {B.push_back(temp1);}

pixa=*(image+ xpos + (LineLength * (ypos)));
Hi one more question. Here you are passing image as a pointer. Are you adding the adress of image here in the above expression. Also, I am not sure about method clear? You should use erase to remove data from the vector.Please, go through the website about using erase method. Hope my answer helped you.


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