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 Recently i am applying a C++ programming job and the title is Numerical Programmer. The job is about applied mathematical methods and numerical analysis techniques to create innovative solutions to engineering problems. One of the requirement which i am not sure what is asking for. They are the follows and do you think you can help me?

"A flair for modelling mechanical systems and familiar with the use of both closed-form classical and iterative solution schemes. "

I do not understand what it really means about the closed-form classical and iterative solution.

please help


Dear Stephen,
Thankyou for your question. I apologize for the
delay, because i was out on vacation's and the
status at didn't show me.

Well, Stephen, Numerical Programmer job means that
you should be having the qualifications in the following

Numerical Analysis

Well modelling mechanical systems, means that i guess
you should be having qualifications about the following

Matlab would be a plus.

Then Closed-form classical and iterative solution schemes
are somewhat related to Software Engineering. There are
some models for making a project.

Like Iterative

Grasp the basic software enginnering models to make a
particular software. I hope that is what you are looking
for. I would check for further details and let you know.

I hope this helps.


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