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Dear Sir,
I would like to make a program parking for my school project. First hour is $2.00 and every hour next is $1. Can you help me to write the code. Thank you so much.

Hello Azahar, thank you for the question.

I would be glad to help you with your project, though none of us here type your code for you. I can however, give you some example code to point you in the right direction.

If you could please write me back and be a little bit more specific, I would love to help. I can't really understand what you want to do with this program. Are you trying to take input for a number and then calculate the total amount of money owed?

- Eddie


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I can answer questions about the C++ language, object oriented design and architecture. I am knowledgable in a lot of the math that goes into programming, and am certified by I also know a good deal about graphics via OpenGL, and GUIs.


I have completed numerous games and demos created with the C++ programming language. Currently employed as a software engineer in the modeling and simulation field. I have about 7 years experience.

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