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C++/Program for co-ordination of mouse


Hello sam,
         I will be pleased if u give me a program for c++ which displays mouse pointer on the screen...i.e. like normal windows....i.e. it should work like normal windows in o/p of c++....i.e. clicking should be possible.....i just hope u got me properly.   u may even guide me as what to use for that.
       thanks a lot.

I guess you are looking for event handling programming for mouse related event.
I cannot explain everything here, as it takes pages and pages. If you really need to learn that kind of programming, you have to study a windows programming book. Note that this sorts of programming are related to the environment that you use and usually don't use standard C++ functions.
I have experience in VC++ event handling programming. If you have any particular (quick) question in that regard, let me know.


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