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C++/Program to determine prime numbers


Write a program that can be used to determine whether a number is a prime number or not. implement it using Classes.

Hello moses, thank you for the question.

Why you would use a class for this, I'm not sure, so I didn't bother when I was figuring it out. If you want you can place this function in a singleton math class of some sort if you need to. The was a tricky one, but this function should help you out:

#include <cmath>

bool IsPrime(int num)
// no number can divide into 0
if(num == 0)
return true;

// make sure its not negative
num = abs(num);

for(int i = 2; i <= sqrt(num); i++)
if(num % i == 0)
return false;
return true;   

That should do it. Please don't hesitate to ask another question if you have one.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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