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C++/Projection Histograms.


Hi there,
I am currently developing a project about image processing, i've a particular question to ask to you. Eddie, i read in your profile that you have developed numerous C++ gaming demo's, it means that you must be good in something like computer Graphics. I have the question,

What do we mean by projections? One is in computer graphics and other projections are used in image processing, do you have any slight idea, what basically are they? If you can provide me with your email address, i can even send the article of projection, so that you can get an idea, what they basically are.

Be well and take care.

Hello Jules, Thanks for the question.

Yeah, I'd better take a look at that article, since I have no idea what you are referring to. We always called it "rendering images". My email is:

Also, if you like, you can check out a couple of my game demos on which were all done with C++ and either OpenGL, Renderware, or DirectX APIs.

Thanks A Lot,

- Eddie


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I can answer questions about the C++ language, object oriented design and architecture. I am knowledgable in a lot of the math that goes into programming, and am certified by I also know a good deal about graphics via OpenGL, and GUIs.


I have completed numerous games and demos created with the C++ programming language. Currently employed as a software engineer in the modeling and simulation field. I have about 7 years experience.

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